Psychotherapy & Counselling Jobs in London at KlearMinds

Please note we are unable to offer work placements or work experience. We only take on fully qualified and experienced psychotherapists.


Qualified Counselling Psychologist(s) or Psychotherapist(s)
– with CBT experience and proactive approach

BACKGROUND: KlearMinds Therapeutic Approach

At KlearMinds we have a passion for providing clients with highly effective therapy that gives them lasting results, quickly. Our aim is to enable clients to clearly understand the factors which are causing them difficulty (through psycho-education alongside process) and to empower them to develop the ability to actively tackle the issues they face in their current lives. Whilst we believe childhood experience has a formative influence on all our lives, we do not think consistent, lengthy focus on the past is essential to therapeutic change. We like to take a developmental stance in helping clients understand the childhood creativity which lies behind problematic feelings and behaviours in adulthood. Alongside compassionate self-understanding, our aim is to actively engage in helping our clients develop concrete, adult strategies, to address problems in their present lives and build a future they really want, with confidence and self-understanding.

If you have a similar approach, work integratively and are experienced with CBT therapy, we have the following psychotherapy jobs available:

Counsellor/Psychologist/Psychotherapist Jobs

  1. In Liverpool Street: Vacancy for counselling psychologist / psychotherapist who can work with individuals on an evening sessional basis for a minimum of 5 hours per week (5 hours per session). On one evening per week 5pm to 10pm, the last appointment is at 9pm, in our therapy room at Liverpool Street branch. The option for additional clinical hours on Tuesday mornings (8am to 1pm) and Friday afternoon 2pm to 8pm, is also available.
  2. In Liverpool Street: Vacancy for counselling psychologist / psychotherapist who can work with individuals on a Saturday and/or Sunday sessional basis for a minimum of 4-6 hours per week (4-6 hours per session). Hours are 9am to 5pm – flexibility it possible regarding weekend hours.
  3. Remuneration You will receive an hourly rate per client session £50 for individual and £75 for couples.


Requirements you will need to meet, to be eligible for the above post:

  • You will be fully qualified and accredited with the BPS, HCPC, UKCP or BACP
    • A minimum of 6 years face to face clinical experience
    • You can work integratively with at least 3 psychological models, one being CBT and ideally some coaching skills
    • You have experience of working with a wide range of clinical issues including OCD, phobias and severe psychological disorders
    • You would feel confident working with clients who wish to change career and would like some structured strategies around achieving this
    • You will have your own professional indemnity insurance and your own supervision and be committed to your continued professional development
    • You will be able to work independently
    • You must have an integrative approach and be able to draw from a range of therapies to tailor your interventions to suit the clients learning style. You must have a pro-active approach that offers psycho-educational and concrete strategies for the client to utilize and you must also be trained to work with unconscious processes. Purely psychodynamic or psychoanalytic approaches would not fit with our service provision style, neither would a pure CBT approach.

    If you are a confident practitioner and enjoy working independently, we would love to hear from you.