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Leyla Metin
Psychotherapist and Supervisor

MA Psychotherapy, PG Dip, Dip, Cert Counselling, Cert Stress & Mindfulness, UKCP, HIPC


Leyla is a highly competent therapist with over 19 years clinical experience. She draws upon a broad range of therapeutic tools, helping individuals enhance their capacity for personal and professional growth and satisfaction in life. She works skillfully with several therapies including CBT and mindfulness.

Leyla provides a knowledgeable, supportive space helping clients understand the influence of mind, body, thought and feelings in addressing problematic areas. She is proactive in helping clients create new and more satisfactory resolutions to dilemmas. She equips clients with psychoeducation and strategic tools which enables them to explore their concerns and gain enlightening perspectives which facilitate effective change. Leyla helps clients to broaden options and become free from the blocks and unfinished business that undermine satisfaction, fulfilment, and growth, and to implement new and more positive ways of living.

Leyla helps individuals to address a wide range of issues including:
Depression, anxiety/stress, anger issues, interpersonal difficulties, identity and
self-esteem, career issues, personal/professional development, OCD, trauma and PTSD, bereavement, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome / ME, general health problems, alcohol and substance misuse, body dysmorphia, somatic disorders, mid-life crises, psychosexual / sexual problems, sexuality, ADD / ADHD, mood disorder, bipolar disorder, dissociative disorders, personality disorders, self-harm.


Clinical Experience

Leyla has reached senior levels as therapist through 19 years of working with clients in a range of therapeutic settings, including private practice, NHS in Health Psychology, private hospitals and clinics including the Nightingale Hospital and Chase Farm specialist PTSD Clinic and charity organisations. She also clinically supervises other senior therapists.

Qualifications and Training

Leyla is highly trained and qualified in a wide range of therapeutic models. She holds a MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Dip. in Individual and Group psychotherapy Psychotherapy Practitioner, PG Diploma in Gestalt Therapy Theory Studies, Certificate in Humanistic Counselling, Certificate in Stress Management and Mindfulness.

She has holds additional training in Stress, Mindfulness, PTSD and Trauma, Anger Management, Self Harm, Challenging Behaviour, Solution Focused Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Body Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Brief Dynamic Therapy, DBT (Dialectic Behaviour Therapy), CAT (Cognitive, Analytic Training), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) and Mentalization.

She is interested in new developments in the treatment of trauma and other issues through neuroscience and sensorimotor therapy and undertakes on-going training.

Leyla holds professional recognition and accreditation with the UKCP and HIPC.


£110 per session

Private Health Care Insurance Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Leyla is a registered provider of counselling and psychotherapy for Healthcare Insurance companies including Bupa International (not Bupa UK), Allianz