Karen Gubb

Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach
PhD Psychology, MA Clinical Psychology, BSc (Honours) Psychology, BSc, PCC (International Coaching Federation), HCPC, BPS

Karen is a highly experienced psychologist, executive and career coach with more than 21 years experience helping adults address a wide range of concerns. Karen draws upon a variety of therapies and coaching skills, tailoring her approach, to best suit the learning style of each client.

Karen Gubb, psychologist London. PhD Psychology, MA Clinical Psychology, BSc (Honours) Psychology, BSc, PCC (International Coaching Federation), HCPC, BPS.

Karen works proactively. She can help you understand and constructively change problematic beliefs and patterns of behaviour that inhibit your ability to realise your personal goals. She can enable you to discover better choices and empower you with the tools and insights, which enable you to enjoy happier, healthier relationships, greater self-esteem and develop the ability to achieve goals that may have previously seemed impossible.

Karen can help you address a wide range of issues including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Relationships
  • Career issues
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Childhood abuse
  • Anger management
  • OCD
  • Perfectionism
  • Self-esteem
  • Phobias
  • Health issues
  • Health anxiety
  • Pain management
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sleep disorders
  • Sexuality and identity
  • Body dysmorphic
  • Fertility
  • Self-harm
  • Bi-polar and personality disorders

Clinical Experience

Karen has attained senior levels of clinical expertise in a variety of settings, including hospitals, private corporations, universities and private practice. Karen worked in a corporate wellness setting for many years providing services which helped employees tackle work concerns, personal or relationship issues and on occasion psychiatric difficulties. She provided career coaching which assisted employees to make decisions or changes in their career. Karen also assisted mothers returning to work after maternity.

She specialised in helping high performers to understand their strengths, weaknesses and to develop and achieve transformative goals. She took part in developing young women leaders at a corporate bank. She worked with leaders and service providers developing an end-to-end programme which included 360 degree feedback, modules on topics such as managing corporate politics, developing your brand, taking control of your career trajectory.

Her previous career as a management consultant for a leading worldwide consultancy means she has a personal understanding of the dynamics and challenges in the consultancy work sphere.
Karen also practises as a Clinical Supervisor for other therapists.

Qualifications & Training

Karen is a qualified psychologist with a PhD in Psychology and a MA in Clinical Psychology. She holds a BSc (Honours) in Psychology and a BSc in Psychology & Computer Science. Karen is also an internationally accredited and experienced executive and business coach.

Karen has undertaken additional training in treatment of trauma, self-harm and suicidality, development theory, solution focused therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy (dbt) and interpersonal theory.

Karen holds professional recognition and accreditation with the UK’s recognised governing bodies: HCPC and BPS




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I had a great experience with Klearminds. Karen helped me through a difficult moment in my life, when I had just moved to the UK and had lost my bearings. She then subsequently helped me through a separation, and I am very glad I was talking to her at the time and not going through it alone. Karen was really professional, provided great advice, and …
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Life Changing Career & Relationship Help
​​Karen has helped me turn my life around. From a complete relationship knot and career uncertainty, Karen unlocked my thoughts and guided me through making decisions about my future. Even though I had open conversations with friends, it was Karen’s expertise and guidance that really made me see clearly the path ahead. She prepared me for…
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Solving Depression and Work Stress / Burnout
My aim… was to achieve balance in my life while looking after two young children, run a business that I was losing interest in, keep my relationship alive and battle my mental health challenges… when we first started, despite knowing that I needed help, I was pretty closed to change. Karen gave me the tools, insight and challenges that I needed to help me achieve my goals and…..
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Managing Director - Business Owner

Karen’s Fees

£140 per Individual Therapy session

Fees are charged on a per session basis.
A standard session lasts 50 minutes.

Paying Via Insurance

Karen is a registered provider of psychotherapy for Healthcare Insurance companies including Cigna, Aviva, WPA and Allianz.

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Quality Standards

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