Integrative Psychotherapy

To give you the best possible chance of success, each KlearMinds therapist is highly experienced and trained in a range different therapy approaches. This is commonly referred to as integrative psychotherapy. You can learn more about the therapies our psychotherapists use to help you achieve your goals below.

Do you need to find an integrative psychotherapist? With over 30 years experience, we can expertly match you with an integrative therapist who works best for you. Making finding the right therapist easier.

Integrative Psychotherapy London

Integrative Psychotherapy

KlearMinds therapists are trained to be able to integrate a whole range of therapies into the work we do with you. The most beneficial aspect of this approach for you, is that instead of you having to adapt yourself to one specific type of therapy approach, which can limit your choices and learning opportunities, we tailor the therapy so it is designed to work best for you. This broader approach can also help speed up the process of change. Below is a range of therapies we integrate into our work with the clients we see at KlearMinds.

CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

If you like to think about your problems in a structured manner and then develop skills and techniques to gain more control in managing and addressing your difficulties, this approach may suit you.

Sessions begin with identifying and clarifying your problem(s), then collaboratively agreeing “homework” tasks, which you then experiment with in order to identify the techniques that are most effective for you. (Tasks might include: writing diaries, thought records, experimenting with different behaviours and noting the outcomes, creating charts and using them to measure the effectiveness of different experiments etc.). Learn more about CBT Therapy.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching  can provide a useful tool bag of exercises and techniques to help you clarify what you want to achieve. Sessions can include clarifying goals and developing useful, step by step plans to achieve goals. Written exercise can be used to help you identify blocks to making the changes you want, and identify strategies to help you move forward. To help you remove more stubborn, complex, blocks to change, we use some of the psychotherapy techniques. Learn more about Life Coaching.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

This approach emphasises understanding our past history and how it impacts our present being in the world. It can help us to understand how our view of the world as a child can be transferred into the present and trigger old feelings and behaviours that don’t serve us well anymore. It can be useful for developing an understanding of historic “triggers” that can set off problematic behaviour and very powerful or overwhelming feelings in your current life. Learn more about psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Mindfulness Practice

This approach can help you understand and stop being swept along or overwhelmed by busy, racing, distressing thoughts and difficult emotions or sensations in the body. It draws upon scientific evidence that demonstrates how meditation practices can significantly increase clarity, calmness, focus and the development of inner peace and happiness, which can be sustained and powerfully assist you to better manage whatever difficulties life may presents you with. Learn more about Mindfulness

Solution Focused Therapy

This approach can feel quite energising because the focus is on identifying your existing strengths which we can always uncover – even if you think you don’t have any – and then building on these strengths to address current problems. If you like doing homework tasks, these can be devised and then used to find effective methods for addressing your problems. If you don’t like the idea of “structure homework tasks” this approach can still be effective. Learn more about Solution Focussed Therapy.

Developmental Psychotherapy

Research behind these theories helps us understand why we want or long for certain things in relationships that we do not seem to be able to obtain. It sheds light on biological and physiological mechanisms which impact emotions and what we can do to alleviate, understand and soothe deep emotional pain.

Clients who feel compelled to act in ways they would prefer not to, often find this approach illuminating. Learn more about Developmental Psychotherapy.

Gestalt Psychotherapy

This approach views you and the therapist as equal partners in the psychotherapeutic relationship and considers you as the expert on your experience, whilst the therapist is the expert in theories of understanding and working with psychological difficulties. This view underpins all of the work.

Gestalt experimental techniques can help shed new light on a particular problem and also uncover alternative ways to consider and respond to situations. This can lead to more satisfying outcomes. Learn more about Gestalt Therapy.

Person Centred Psychotherapy

This approach takes the view that we are essentially good natured, but that the vicissitudes of life may make us feel twisted inside. It recommends that the therapist adopt an attitude which includes respect, positive regard and being “real” in the therapeutic relationship. This view underpins all our work with you. Learn more about person centred psychotherapy.

Transactional Analysis

This approach provides some useful ways of helping us understand how we communicate with ourselves internally (i.e. what goes on in our heads) as we manage and relate to current and past relationships.

Developing an awareness of our inner dialogue can help us to identify old ideas about ourselves and others, that may have been useful when they were formed, but may not be useful or appropriate in our current life. Often these internal dialogues take place without us even realising some things we think about ourselves and others. Becoming aware of these dialogues can enhance our capacity to identify what we might want to change in ourselves, in order to experience a more satisfying life. Learn more about Transactional Analysis.

Existential Psychotherapy

This approach can help you appraise the world you live in now and identify what you can and cannot change. This includes exploring how to work with the limits of your environments, both past and present, in order to achieve the changes you want. We integrate this approach throughout all our work because many clients tell us they find it empowering and energising. Learn more about existential psychotherapy.

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Meet Our Experienced Therapists

Maggie Morrow, counselling, CBT therapy, life coach and psychotherapist London. MSc Integrative Psychotherapy, BSc Psychology, Adv Dip, UKCP.

Maggie Morrow, Award Winning Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Life Coach

Maggie Morrow is an award winning psychotherapist, an accomplished life coach and counsellor, and Founder of KlearMinds. In 2007 she was awarded the BACP National Award for advancing the quality of therapy service provision to the highest standards in the UK.
Maggie’s experience spans over 25 years helping people overcome problems so they can enjoy more fulfilling and satisfying lives.

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Kate Thomlinson, counselling, CBT therapy and psychotherapist London. MA Counselling & Psychotherapy, Adv Dip, UKCP, SEA, CEC.

Kate Thomlinson, Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Kate is a highly skilled therapist with over 9 years experience. She has worked successfully in a variety of settings, including media, TV, journalism, law and higher education. She draws upon a broad range of therapeutic skills including existential, CBT, mindfulness and psychoeducation to enable clients to achieve the outcomes they want, in terms of professional and personal satisfaction and wellbeing.
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Paul Glynn, counselling, CBT therapy and psychotherapist London. MSc Counselling, PG Adv Cert CBT, Adv Cert Clinical Supervision, BPhil, MBACP (Accred).

Paul Glynn, Clinical Director, Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Couples Therapist

Paul Glynn holds over 35 years experience as a therapist and is KlearMinds Clinical Director. Paul offers a warm, pragmatic and interactive approach to help you understand and go beyond the difficulties you are facing. He is passionate about empowering clients to develop the tools that can help them to resolve stuckness and positively change repetitive, problematic behaviours.
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Judy Harrison, counselling, CBT therapy and psychotherapist London. PG Dip Psychotherapy, Dip Mediation, Mindfulness Meditation Cert, Cert Psychotherapy, Dip Counselling, Cert Education, B’Ed (Psychology), Dip Clinical Supervision, UKCP, BACP, UKAHPP.

Judy Harrison, Psychotherapist, Couples Therapist

Judy holds over 25 years experience as a psychotherapist, with individuals and couples. She utilizes a wide range of therapies, including CBT and psychoeducation and has considerable experience in Career Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation and Mediation. Judy works proactively with clients to help them understand and address problematic situations and experiences and develop positive skills they can draw upon for life.
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Karen Gubb, psychologist London. PhD Psychology, MA Clinical Psychology, BSc (Honours) Psychology, BSc, PCC (International Coaching Federation), HCPC, BPS.

Karen Gubb, Psychologist & Executive Coach

Karen is a highly experienced psychologist, executive and career coach with over 21 years experience. Karen draws upon a variety of therapies and coaching skills, tailoring her approach, to best suit the learning style of each client. Karen works proactively. She can help you understand and constructively change problematic thoughts and patterns of behaviour so you can realise your personal goals.
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Tania Turner, counselling and psychotherapist London. BA (hons) Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Couples Counselling Cert, Mindfulness Cert, MBACP.

Tania Turner, Counsellor & Couples Therapist

Tania is an experienced psychotherapist and couples counsellor with over 10 years experience. She is highly skilled in helping couples and individuals address a wide range of concerns. She has a warm, collaborative, insightful approach and uses a range of therapies including psychodynamic and mindfulness, to enable her clients to understand and resolve issues constructively.
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Amanda Reynolds, counselling, CBT therapy and psychotherapist London. Adv Dip CBT, Dip Counselling, BSc Psychology, Cert Counselling, BACP.

Amanda Reynolds, Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Amanda is a highly experienced Advanced CBT and Integrative therapist with more than 11 years experience. She draws upon a wide range of therapies and works proactively to help clients understand, process and resolve their concerns and conflicts. Amanda can assist you to quickly identify problematic thoughts and behaviours which negatively impact your personal and professional well-being.
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Therapy Reviews

Build Self-Confidence and Overcome Relationship Problems
….I had tried counselling before and thought it wasn’t for me. I now realise that finding the right counsellor makes all the difference. I went to see Maggie when I felt I was no longer able to cope and everything in my life was going wrong…. I cannot recommend Maggie enough. I feel in control, grounded and confident… capable of moving forward in my life. My sessions with her have not only helped me gain…
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A very grateful Lawyer!
Control Anxiety – Depression – Improve Relationships – Career Coaching
…therapy with Judy… has changed my life forever. I suffered daily from anxiety and.. negative thought[s].. holding me my relationships… during lockdown..i was put at risk of redundancy.. I saw 3 different therapists before this, none of which really understood and helped me… Judy helped me understand things… control my anxiety… get back on track… I was blown away with her….
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Events Producer
Help to Find the Best Therapist
…KlearMinds seems to put thought and care into matching their clients with the right therapist. When I initially called… a very kind woman who basically gave me a free therapy session, spending almost an hour on the phone with me, before matching me with the best therapist I’ve ever had. …. Paul was amazing… he was an integral part of getting me through…
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Overcoming Anxiety & Work Stress – Improving Career & Relationships
After a number of false starts with therapists, I can only say that I wish I had found Maggie sooner! Over a period of 15 years I had seen multiple therapists and psychiatrists to address issues relating to anxiety, depression and workplace stress. With invariably unsatisfying results, I was extremely skeptical about seeing another therapist… utterly pessimistic about the possibility of being happy. My skepticism proved unfounded.
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Dan, Civil Servant
Manage ADHD, Feel Empowered & in Control
the 10.. therapy..sessions… has truly left a profound impact on my life. Judy… equipped me with invaluable tools to better manage various aspects of my life. The sessions were instrumental in fostering positive changes, and I now feel more empowered and capable of navigating life’s challenges with a new found sense of control. Judy’s expertise and the structured approach of integrative therapy has proven to be….
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Ola 30, female with ADHD
Help With Bereavement & Depression
I was coping with a major bereavement and it felt like a crisis… Straight away Maggie was warm, kind and understanding… I didn’t want to be in therapy for a long time, I just wanted to get better, get on with my life… I cannot recommend Maggie highly enough to you. Whilst life still presents me with challenges I can cope with them as I feel so much stronger now… over six weeks… after each session I’d…
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TV Director, London
Healing Past Wounds and Trauma
I met with Tania at KlearMinds for 12 sessions…Trust was immediately established between us….Tania helped navigate me through some difficult unresolved trauma from my childhood which had been holding me back a long time. Tania helped me look at my past through a lens of warmth, understanding and curiosity, rather than…Tania’s help has changed my life as I have finally….
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Analyst, Investment Management
Overcoming Trauma, Depression, Parenting Problems, Career Issues
I have seen Maggie for a short batch of sessions, on 4 occasions… I’ve needed help with…post-natal depression…childhood trauma…career…work/life balance…parenting struggles… the services she provides, have been absolutely transformational… Without fail, each time, Maggie has..quickly distilled..the root..issue..and given me highly..actionable..advice..I can…use..long past attending one to one sessions….
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COO, London
Career Change, Confidence Building
My experience with Amanda has been nothing short of transformational. I was completely stuck, down in the dumps about my career and not sure how to move forward. Amanda was absolutely brilliant in her approach…Amanda has helped me understand myself, step back and look at the facts around me and increased my confidence hugely….After the first few sessions I had already….
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Anonymous, London
Career & Life Coaching
I initially sought out a life or career coach as I felt stuck in a toxic situation at work…I have seen a number of therapists over the years and definitely felt this was the best experience I have had. I really appreciated Maggie’s combination of empathy and practicality, an investment that has truly paid off… working on a psychological level to understand the situation and other dynamics…really helped me navigate….
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Partnership Development Manager
Overcoming Career Anxiety & Work Stress
I had never thought I was someone who would need counselling or therapy, as I had always been very strong. However when my career wasn’t going quite as I had planned it, I found I was becoming very negative and mentally spiralling out of control – in fact turning myself into a victim. Maggie was outstanding at providing me with what I needed, not as a “quick fix” but by giving me the tools to use whenever I may need…
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Corporate Finance Lawyer

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