Couples Therapy
& Marriage Counselling in London

Concerned the connection you once shared is now lost? Tired of arguments or misunderstandings? Worried about marriage affairs?

Whatever problems you are facing, our experienced therapists can help you understand why things are not working and what steps you can take to make things better, fast.

Get a couples therapist recommendation.  With over 30 years experience, we can expertly match you with a specliast who works best for you. Making finding the right help easier.

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How Can KlearMinds Help?

When things go wrong in a relationship and you don’t know how to resolve them it can cause communication breakdown and even an unnecessary break-up. KlearMinds can help you to prevent the situation from worsening and show you essential strategies to resolve problems effectively to enable you to build love, fun and deeper trust in your relationship.

Making the choice to go to counselling can be a big step. But, even if your partner will not take part, it is possible to get them to respond differently by making simple changes in your own behaviour.

Issues Couples Therapy Can Help With

Sometimes, relationship issues aren’t particularly clear. You may just have a feeling that something feels wrong, but you aren’t sure why. Couples therapy doesn’t only serve to resolve specific problems, it is also useful for identifying what has changed. It doesn’t mean one person is to blame. It could simply be that your relationship needs an MOT. Our team of experts can help if these are some of the problems you are facing:

  • Communication Problems
    Stuck in dysfunctional patterns / breakdown / Arguments / conflict / violence / abuse / loss of shared experiences – living separate lives
  • Living Separate Lives
    Sometimes one partner is ‘leaning out’ of the relationship and is unwilling to try couples therapy, whilst the other is ‘leaning in’ and wants to work on restoring the relationship in this situation. Discernment Counselling can help couples get the clarity they need.
  • Broken Trust
    Trust has been broken or eroded via a physical or emotional affair, secrets, addiction or other issues
  • Facing Separation or Divorce?
    Maybe it seems like the only option, how to end a relationship
  • Intimacy / Sexual issues
    Emotional intimacy has gone / desire has gone or sex is no fun / managing different expectations
  • Life Changing Experiences
    Loss / Life changes or something devastating that has changed the way you relate to each other / Birth of a child / children management / health issues / Children leaving home / External pressures – family, work
  • Blended Families
    Second marriage / dealing with previous relationships or marriages
  • Managing Emotions  
    Love/hate feelings, jealousy,  anger, fear, boredom

Couples Counselling Reviews

Renew Your Relationship
Having been married for about 30 years we had drifted apart. We decided to renew our relationship but this was a challenging path and it initiated a number of traumas for us both. …Judy was clearly very experienced and enabled us to understand what was happening between us… our relationship and marriage is on firm ground and is stronger now than it has been for 20 years or more… she gave us tools and frameworks to help us …
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Professional couple living in London
Get Practical Relationship Advice & Learn to Communicate Effectively
We saw Tania for Couple’s Therapy and she provided an excellent service. She was insightful and provided practical advice. Thanks to her careful support we are able to communicate more effectively and lovingly with one another. At every step she ….
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Learn How To Improve Your Marriage
We are very grateful to find Tania who helped us and our marriage tremendously. This was our first time to find solutions through couple counselling and Tania provided us with a safe space to speak up and engage with each other. She set our expectations very clearly at the beginning and gave us….
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Young couple
Rebuild and Strengthen Your Marriage
Having been married for about 30 years we had drifted apart. We decided to renew our relationship but this was a challenging path and it initiated a number of traumas for us both. We had 8 sessions with Judy at Klearminds over a period of 7 months… our relationship and marriage is on firm ground and is stronger now than it has been for 20 years or more. Judy was clearly very experienced and enabled us to understand what …
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Professional couple living in London

The Benefits of Couples/Marriage Counselling

Our couples and marriage counsellors can help you understand why and where things are going wrong and what steps you can take to re-build a future together, that will be fulfilling and fun for you both. We can help you resolve problems and stengthen your relationship.

  • Learn simple strategies to reduce or avoid conflict and establish deeper trust and understanding
  • Discover how differences between men and women can cause problems and offer solutions
  • Learn your partner’s communication style and what they are really saying
  • Learn key pre-marital counselling strategies for building a lasting, fulfilling marriage
  • Learn how to recover, rebuild trust or move on from affairs in marriage or a cheating partner
  • Learn new strategies that will help you understand how to meet each other’s needs
  • Discover simple ways to re-ignite fun, sexual passion, laughter and build a positive future together

Meet Our Couples Therapists

Rachel Power, counselling, CBT therapy, life coach and psychotherapist London. PG Dip Psychotherapy, MSc Career Coaching, Dip CSB, MA, MA, BA (Hons), BACP, FHEA.

Rachel Power

Couples Therapist, Psychotherapist, Coach

PG Dip Psychotherapy, MSc Career Coaching, Dip CSB, MA, MA, BA (Hons), BACP, FHEA

Over 15 years experience as a life and career coach, 9 years in therapeutic work.

Tania Turner, counselling and psychotherapist London. BA (hons) Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Couples Counselling Cert, Mindfulness Cert, MBACP.

Tania Turner

Counsellor & Couples Therapist

BA (hons) Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Couples Counselling Cert, Mindfulness Cert, MBACP

Over 10 years experience in psychotherapy & couples counselling.

Paul Glynn, counselling, CBT therapy and psychotherapist London. MSc Counselling, PG Adv Cert CBT, Adv Cert Clinical Supervision, BPhil, MBACP (Accred).

Paul Glynn

Clinical Director, Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Couples Therapist

MSc Counselling, PG Adv Cert CBT, Adv Cert Clinical Supervision, BPhil, MBACP (Accred)

Paul Glynn holds over 35 years experience.

Judy Harrison, counselling, CBT therapy and psychotherapist London. PG Dip Psychotherapy, Dip Mediation, Mindfulness Meditation Cert, Cert Psychotherapy, Dip Counselling, Cert Education, B’Ed (Psychology), Dip Clinical Supervision, UKCP, BACP, UKAHPP.

Judy Harrison

Psychotherapist, Couples Therapist

PG Dip Psychotherapy, Dip Mediation, Mindfulness Meditation Cert, Cert Psychotherapy, UKCP, BACP

Judy holds over 25 years experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the first relationship therapy session
  • Many people feel apprehensive at the first meeting – this is normal. 
  • Your therapist handles all sessions sensitively, is unbiased and won’t take sides, and they won’t judge your personal situations or sexual preferences.
  • They will help you equally, to gain more clarity where needed and determine specific goals if helpful 
  • They will help you establish better communication 
  • If you have any concerns or questions they will be pleased to help you with these.
  • By the end of the session, if helpful, your therapist can provide you with some strategies and techniques you can take away and practice to help improve things
How frequently do sessions take place?
How many sessions of couples therapy do I need?
Where are you located?

How to Find a Good Therapist
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Take the First Step to Save Your Marriage or Relationship

Are you fed up worrying about your relationship or marriage? KlearMinds can help you develop a new, empowering level of understanding that will remove fears, build lasting trust and create a compelling future for your relationship. Whether you have a specific relationship problem or are simply feeling stuck and stagnant, contact us today and begin making your life and your marriage better.

Our Reviews on Google

Greta Marozaitė
Greta Marozaitė
3 June 2024
In my life I had a lot of issues that I considered resolved, because a lot of time has passed. I originally started to go to therapy, because I had questions about certain behaviours that I did. With the help of an amazing therapist Tania Turner I manage to find answers, but also more questions which helps me understand myself more. I also understood that even though time helps heal the pain it doesn’t necessarily make the traumatic experiences go away. I believe therapy is an excellent way to revisit and learn how to navigate through those experiences.
Anon WD
Anon WD
22 May 2024
Tania Turner from Klearminds has been absolutely great. Would highly recommend her services. She is patient, helpful, professional and has had a great impact on helping us to communicate better and manage life changing events as a couple.
Ursula Casserly
Ursula Casserly
1 May 2024
Had a really positive experience with KlearMinds, I had sessions for about a year and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for support or a deeper understanding of themselves.
Shahbano Soomro
Shahbano Soomro
27 January 2024
Excellent sessions with Amanda, left our time together having learnt so much and in a far healthier place
Anne Somauroo
Anne Somauroo
23 January 2024
I am a 66 year old Irish woman. I say Irish as we are known to carry a lot of guilt and baggage and keep keep our emotions inside. My whole life I’ve spent worrying about everything and anything and my biggest fault was never being able to say no to anybody. My son in law said to me last year “if you’re always doing the same thing and getting the same results, why not do something different”. So I decided to make a change. My daughter researched therapists and found Klear Minds to be the best. She looked at a number of clinics and therapists and the reviews at Klear Minds speak for themselves. I have to say I was filled with anxiety over which therapist I would choose or be allocated to. However that anxiety was completely dispelled the first day I met Judy. I knew immediately she was the right person for me. She even managed to diagnose what I was suffering from in the second session. It was one of those light bulb moments when you get the name of what you suffer from and realise how life changing it could be to develop tools to change particular habits. From then on it was truly enlightening and I began to look forward to our weekly sessions. Therapy is not easy and you really only get out what you put in. But for me it has helped me create boundaries and to say NO. If you are worried about your relationship with the therapist assigned to you I’d say give it a try. I’m pretty sure all the therapists are hand picked and are excellent, but speaking from experience I absolutely love Judy and she has been a godsend into my life. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is my motto now. I’m incredibly grateful to Judy for her extensive knowledge and caring attitude. My life in a short time has been transformed. In some ways I wish I’d entered therapy earlier and maybe not made half the mistakes I’ve made, but I’m also aware these mistakes make me the person I am today. I cannot recommend Klear Minds enough. Of course I’m a little biased now and would highly recommend Judy Harrison, but she is superb in every way. She is extremely calm, kind and easy to talk to. She prepares for each session, so they are structured and so that the clients get the most out of every session. I cannot rave about her enough and feel silly now at the idea of ever having trepidation about therapy.
Simon M
Simon M
7 January 2024
I initially booked one session with Amanda to try to deal with an ongoing period of grief and related ‘stuckness’ I was facing after the death of my mother. I made up lots of good reasons why I didn’t need to talk to anyone about the way I felt but after a long time and things getting worse, I made an appointment. I had a short run of weekly sessions and it has had a profound impact on my life. The sessions have helped me to better understand my emotions and given me tools to deal with how I feel in a much more constructive way. I am now getting back on track and life is a whole lot better. Looking back, the sessions were no doubt my turning point. I should also add that Amanda is a totally lovely person and I found her very inspiring.
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Paul Glynn, counselling, CBT therapy and psychotherapist London. MSc Counselling, PG Adv Cert CBT, Adv Cert Clinical Supervision, BPhil, MBACP (Accred).
Author: Paul Glynn, Clinical Director, Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Couples Therapist
Last updated: 15th July 2024

Quality Standards

Our hand-selected therapists have trained in the UK’s most respected institutions. They hold a minimum of 8 and up to 30 years clinical experience within the NHS, private and/or charitable sectors. They are registered with: