Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
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Counselling and psychotherapy can help you discover ways to manage physical symptoms and cope with the emotional and psychological challenges CFS can bring to your life.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Counselling & Therapy London

What is Chronic Fatigue?

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a condition that is characterised by extreme tiredness, which does not improve with rest. It is also commonly known as known as ME, which stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

The physical exhaustion experienced by sufferers can limit their ability to carry out normal daily activities and fuel symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

What are the Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue?

Chronic fatigue syndrome can affect anyone at any time in their life, but it is most commonly found among women, often occurring between the early 20’s to mid 40’s. Whilst symptoms vary from person to person, common elements amongst sufferers include; a general lack of well-being accompanied by tiredness, irritability, sensitivity, poor concentration and sleep disturbance.

Some of the most common symptoms of CFS are listed below. Not everyone will experience each of these symptoms and some people will have additional symptoms not listed here.

  • General feeling of discomfort
  • Tiredness which is not relieved by any amount of sleep
  • Sleeping problems such as insomnia or un-refreshing sleep
  • Memory problems – difficulty concentrating
  • Sore throat
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in neck or armpits
  • Unexplained muscle pain
  • Irritability
  • Severe headaches
  • Stomach problems such as nausea, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation
  • Sensitivity to light and noise
  • Extreme exhaustion lasting more than 24 hours after mental or physical exercise

How Can Counselling and Psychotherapy Help for CFS?

Counselling can help you cope with the physical symptoms and negotiate the psychological and emotion impact of CFS. A chronic fatigue counsellor can show you how certain patterns of thinking and behaviour can trigger a cycle of low moods and feed an emotional and physical downward spiral. You can learn alternative ways of perceiving and responding to your experience which help you manage in a way that provides more relief during the difficult times and enhances your ability to get more enjoyment, comfort and ease in your journey with or through the illness.

For some people counselling for chronic fatigue syndrome can be focused on helping them adjust to daily life with the condition and managing their symptoms. Others find psychotherapy can provide support and useful psychological insights as they seek to cure their symptoms through alternative medicine routes. Some people find complementary therapies such as meditation, acupuncture, naturopathy and homeopathy can enhancing coping abilities and in some cases cure the physical symptoms altogether.

Those who take care of people with chronic fatigue syndrome can also find counselling helpful. Making sacrifices to care for a loved one can lead to feelings of anxiety, stress, depression and/or isolation, and counselling can provide helpful guidance, strategies and support on how to cope in the best way possible.

Therapy Reviews

Overcoming Anxiety & Work Stress – Improving Career & Relationships
After a number of false starts with therapists, I can only say that I wish I had found Maggie sooner!… Over a period of 15 years I had seen multiple therapists and psychiatrists to address issues relating to anxiety, depression and workplace stress…. Maggie really helped me to elucidate and articulate the origins of deeply embedded patterns of negative and self defeating thinking, which proved essential… Read More
Dan, Civil Servant
Empower Yourself – Overcome Trauma & Build Self-Esteem
I came to Judy struggling to understand the impact sexual abuse that had taken place in my childhood had had on me. I knew there were things… weaving their way into how I formed relationships and the way I have behaved since I was a teenager, but I didn’t know what they were or how to deal with them. The hours I’ve spent working with Judy have been the most…liberating and empowering experience and I’ve learnt… Read More
Magazine Editor, London
Overcome ME/CFS Long Covid & Build Confidence
…Thank you to KlearMinds for taking such care in matching me with the right therapist…. I started sessions when I was very unwell with Long Covid/ ME/CFS… Amanda was a huge part of my recovery… I’ve got my life back. I’ve just been for a run, am a Mum to my boys again and am loving life. The connection between my mental health and physical health were much more entwined than I had realised. Amanda helped me to… Read More
Jenny, Occupational Therapist from North England.
Flexible Therapy that Worked Best for Me
Had a very positive experience working with Kate and KlearMinds. Kate was very easy to talk to and gave me space to do sessions in the way that worked best for me and I came out of them feeling refreshed and motivated. I would definitely recommend Kate…. she was kind, thoughtful and always reliable, even when I was a bit awkward about finding times that suited my schedule. Read More
Professional, IT Sector
Career Coaching & Finding Loving Relationship
I started to see Maggie as a work coach… I was frustrated with my job… working myself into the ground… not getting any returns… I’m now in a job I love, and have just been promoted! I’m now much more confident… with who I am…. in a great relationship for almost two years now… I’ve recommended her to numerous friends since and I know she’s helped them massively too… She helped me realise…. Read More
Managing Director
Control Anxiety – Depression – Improve Relationships – Career Coaching
…therapy with Judy… has changed my life forever. I suffered daily from anxiety and.. negative thought[s].. holding me my relationships… during lockdown..i was put at risk of redundancy.. I saw 3 different therapists before this, none of which really understood and helped me… Judy helped me understand things… control my anxiety… get back on track… I was blown away with her…. Read More
Events Producer
Build Self-Confidence and Overcome Relationship Problems
….I had tried counselling before and thought it wasn’t for me. I now realise that finding the right counsellor makes all the difference. I went to see Maggie when I felt I was no longer able to cope and everything in my life was going wrong…. I cannot recommend Maggie enough. I feel in control, grounded and confident… capable of moving forward in my life. My sessions with her have not only helped me gain…. Read More
A very grateful Lawyer!
Overcoming Trauma, Depression, Parenting problems, Career Issues
I have seen Maggie for a short batch of sessions, on 4 occasions… I’ve needed help with…post-natal depression…childhood trauma…career…work/life balance…parenting struggles… the services she provides, have been absolutely transformational… Without fail, each time, Maggie has..quickly distilled..the root..issue..and given me highly..actionable..advice..I can…use..long past attending one to one sessions…. Read More
COO, London
Help With Bereavement & Depression
I was coping with a major bereavement and it felt like a crisis… Straight away Maggie was warm, kind and understanding… I didn’t want to be in therapy for a long time, I just wanted to get better, get on with my life… I cannot recommend Maggie highly enough to you. Whilst life still presents me with challenges I can cope with them as I feel so much stronger now… over six weeks… after each session I’d… Read More
TV Director, London
Overcoming Career Anxiety & Work Stress
I had never thought I was someone who would need counselling or therapy, as I had always been very strong. However when my career wasn’t going quite as I had planned it, I found I was becoming very negative and mentally spiralling out of control – in fact turning myself into a victim. Maggie was outstanding at providing me with what I needed, not as a “quick fix” but by giving me the tools to use whenever I may need… Read More
Corporate Finance Lawyer
Empower Yourself – Building Self Confidence
Before meeting with Maggie, I had been feeling demotivated, lacking focus and very lonely…. Counselling was something I only considered when I felt there was nothing I could do. Retrospectively, this was incorrect. Maggie gave me support and provided me with the encouragement to empower myself to change. I had always found it hard to deal with questions, getting defensive. Maggie’s questions…helped me… I now realise… Read More
Investment Banker
Discovering Enjoyable Career Success & Creating Loving Relationships
When I came to see Maggie I was very depressed, but also very cynical about the benefits of seeing a therapist… I was working as a sales director… which I thought was what I wanted, but I had very little confidence in my abilities… I also had very bad relationships… Maggie has helped me to understand why… and…to turn things around so that I am so much happier now than I have been in many, many, years and… Read More
Ex Sales Director
Ensuring You Get the Right Therapist
The following feedback is from a client who we provided with a therapist re-match: Just wanted to say, amazing pick with Kate. Very happy with the switch. I am loving my therapy and making progress already after 3 sessions. Read More
Entrepreneur, London

What Areas of can CFS Counselling Help With?

Here are some of the common issues CFS sufferers face that chronic fatigue syndrome counselling can help address:

  • Powerlessness: When you suddenly cannot carry out tasks that you used to be able to take on without difficulty, it can be quite upsetting. Counselling can help you reach a sense of acceptance about your new limitations.
  • Wanting to go back in time: It’s understandable that people with CFS might wish they could turn back time and go back to when they were able to function normally. However, dwelling on the past can lead to feelings of self-blame that only compounds the problem and prevents them from moving on. Counselling can help you learn ways to keep your focus in the present and work with the possibilities in the here and now.
  • Worries and fears: People with chronic fatigue syndrome often worry about issues such as relationships, their social life, financial insecurity, and their jobs. These same worries often plague their caretakers, who are sometimes prone to covering up these thoughts because they worry they will appear selfish. In addition, it is normal to be afraid that your condition will never improve or get worse. Counselling can help you develop strategies to manage these worries and fears.
  • Self-blame and guilt: Some people with CFS might blame themselves for their condition or their inability to recover from it. If other people in their lives are making sacrifices to take care of them, they might also feel guilty on top of that. Counselling can help manage these unpleasant feelings.
  • Frustration: People who are uninformed sometimes believe that those with CFS are simply not motivated to carry out activities, but the opposite is actually very often the case: people with CFS want to participate in activities but their symptoms prevent them from doing so, which can lead to a great deal of frustration.
  • Seeking A Cure: Some people wish to try every avenue possible to see if there is a cure for them. Because western medicine views CFS as incurable this means exploring the world of alternative medicine which is as broad as it is deep. This journey can be an incredibly challenging one, because there are endless alternatives and what might help one sufferer may not help another at all. Whilst some may eventually find a cure others may not. CFS Psychotherapy can help you cope with emotional challenges taking on such a journey can bring.
Maggie Award Winning Therapist

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Chronic Fatigue
Approximately 250,000 people in the UK have chronic fatigue syndrome. According to western medicine, there is no cure. At the same time, some people who have undertaken alternative medicine treatment, do claim full recovery (the author of this page being one such person). However, there is no “scientifically recognized” research to support such claims. Dealing with the uncertainty of whether you will ever feel better is one of the primary challenges for people dealing with CFS.

Another troubling aspect for many chronic fatigue sufferers is that, your level well-being can change at any time, with no predictability. Some days you may feel quite capable and engaged in day to day life, without any apparent symptoms, then other times, for no obvious reason, you can experience an extreme energy slump that means even coping with the smallest task, can feel like a huge effort.

Chronic fatigue syndrome can have an adversely effect on many areas of a person’s life, making the every day elements of daily life such as work, family and friends difficult to manage and negotiate.

What therapies can help with CFS?
Amanda Reynolds - Psychotherapist & Counsellor London
Amanda is a highly experienced Advanced CBT and Integrative therapist with more than 11 years experience. She draws upon a wide range of therapies and works proactively to help clients understand, process and resolve their concerns and conflicts. Amanda can assist you to quickly identify problematic thoughts and behaviours which negatively impact your personal and professional well-being.
Judy Harrison - Psychotherapist and Couples Therapist London
Judy holds over 25 years experience as a psychotherapist, with individuals and couples. She utilizes a wide range of therapies, including CBT and psychoeducation and has considerable experience in Career Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation and Mediation. Judy works proactively with clients to help them understand and address problematic situations and experiences and develop positive skills they can draw upon for life.
Karen Gubb - Clinical Psychologist London.webp
Karen is a highly experienced psychologist, executive and career coach with over 21 years experience. Karen draws upon a variety of therapies and coaching skills, tailoring her approach, to best suit the learning style of each client. Karen works proactively. She can help you understand and constructively change problematic thoughts and patterns of behaviour so you can realise your personal goals.
Kate Thomlinson - Psychotherapist & Counsellor London
Kate is a highly skilled therapist with over 9 years experience. She has worked successfully in a variety of settings, including media, TV, journalism, law and higher education. She draws upon a broad range of therapeutic skills including existential, CBT, mindfulness and psychoeducation to enable clients to achieve the outcomes they want, in terms of professional and personal satisfaction and wellbeing.
Maggie Morrow Award Winning Therapist

Maggie Morrow is an award winning psychotherapist, an accomplished life coach and counsellor, and Founder of KlearMinds. In 2007 she was awarded the BACP National Award for advancing the quality of therapy service provision to the highest standards in the UK.
Maggie’s experience spans over 25 years helping people overcome problems so they can enjoy more fulfilling and satisfying lives.


Paul Glynn - Psychotherapist & Counsellor London
Paul Glynn holds over 35 years experience as a therapist and is KlearMinds Clinical Director. Paul offers a warm, pragmatic and interactive approach to help you understand and go beyond the difficulties you are facing. He is passionate about empowering clients to develop the tools that can help them to resolve stuckness and positively change repetitive, problematic behaviours.
Tania Turner Counsellor and Couples Therapist in London
Tania is an experienced psychotherapist and couples counsellor with over 10 years experience. She is highly skilled in helping couples and individuals address a wide range of concerns. She has a warm, collaborative, insightful approach and uses a range of therapies including psychodynamic and mindfulness, to enable her clients to understand and resolve issues constructively.

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Maggie Morrow Award Winning Therapist
Author: Maggie Morrow, Award Winning Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Life Coach
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