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Being successful in your career can significantly improve your happiness. KlearMinds can offer effective career coaching in London to help you discover, simple yet powerful steps, that you can take to make your career an enjoyable success.

Do you need to find a career counsellor? With over 30 years experience, we can expertly match you with a counsellor who works best for you. Making finding the right counsellor easier.

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Career Coaching London

Need a Career Coach in London?

Do you feel unhappy in your job? Perhaps you are successful but frustrated or overworked? Maybe you feel stuck in a career you don’t like and want to change it. Perhaps you are not progressing in a way that feels good. Perhaps you are experiencing difficult feelings of anxiety or being bullied at work and are struggling to deal with the negative emotions and thoughts that arise?

Our personal career coaching can help you change what you don’t like and help you to:-

    • Identify and pursue the right career path for you
    • Make a successful career change
    • Reduce the level of work stress
    • Create a healthy work/life balance

For effective personal career coaching in London to help you achieve long-term results, get in touch with us today.

What Can Career Coaching Help With?

Our Career Counsellors in London have extensive training and experience. We can help you:

  • Improve your productivity, and motivation, set achievable goals, prioritise tasks, manage heavy workloads
  • Discover simple, effective work stress/anxiety reduction techniques, reduce burnout
  • Improve working relationships with co-workers, management or staff
  • Understand different personality types and strategies for succeeding at work
  • Understand how personal habits hold you back at work
  • Learn steps you can take to manage conflict, anger or bullying at work
  • Find your success formula for a healthy work/life balance
  • Discover how to stop work issues from negatively impacting your life outside work
  • Understand and overcome Imposter Syndrome
  • Discover how to tackle perfectionism and still succeed
    Develop public speaking, assertiveness and self-confidence skills
  • Learn how to succeed at interviews, a new job, promotion, performance reviews
  • Find a career or make a career change
  • Learn how to constructively manage redundancy, returning to work, retirement

Career Coaching Reviews

Improving Career, Relationships and Confidence
When I started working with Judy I was having a difficult time both at work and in my personal life. There were a number of issues I was facing specifically around relationships with people in my life and my confidence. Judy gave me invaluable help and advice, and shared a number of tools that will always… help me deal with difficult situations in the future. I am now in such a good place and feel confident to …
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Overcoming Anxiety & Building Self-Confidence, Career, Relationships
I started to see Maggie for ways to help me deal with old patterns of thoughts which lead to increased levels of stress and low confidence. She really helped me understand the roots of my thinking, how things had changed through time and ways in which I could shape my thoughts differently and break free of my old patterns. As a result, my stress levels have vastly improved… I have also been able to break away from old …
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Financial Analyst
Discovering Enjoyable Career Success & Creating Loving Relationships
When I came to see Maggie I was very depressed, but also very cynical about the benefits of seeing a therapist… I was working as a sales director… which I thought was what I wanted, but I had very little confidence in my abilities… I also had very bad relationships… Maggie has helped me to understand why… and…to turn things around so that I am so much happier now than I have been in many, many, years and …
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Ex Sales Director
Life Changing Career & Relationship Help
​​Karen has helped me turn my life around. From a complete relationship knot and career uncertainty, Karen unlocked my thoughts and guided me through making decisions about my future. Even though I had open conversations with friends, it was Karen’s expertise and guidance that really made me see clearly the path ahead. She prepared me for…
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Clarity & Decision Making – Personal & Professional
Jess has been outstanding. As a senior executive it has been great to talk through different aspects with her in a constructive, considered, private and client led way. Quickly establishing trust and confidence, Jess was able to….
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Senior Executive
Career Coaching & Finding Loving Relationship
I started to see Maggie as a work coach… I was frustrated with my job… working myself into the ground… not getting any returns… I’m now in a job I love, and have just been promoted! I’m now much more confident… with who I am…. in a great relationship for almost two years now… I’ve recommended her to numerous friends since and I know she’s helped them massively too… She helped me realise ….
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Managing Director
Overcome Anxiety, Sleep Problems, Work Stress, Conflict
…I found myself with increasing anxiety, problems with sleeping and lack of appetite. I felt like my head was a muddle of negative thoughts… being antagonised by workplace stress and conflict, as well as a lifelong lack of self-confidence. I immediately connected with Judy…I wanted to move forward with practical techniques to help me cope better… I can honestly say I have felt like a different person ever since… If…you are …
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Workplace Mediation
I am really happy to leave a review in respect of Judy’s excellent stewardship of a mediation process between myself and a psychotherapist with whom I had a matter to resolve. Judy is warm and insightful and helped me (and I believe the other party) to identify the areas of concern and express them clearly in a safe and supportive environment. I had no prior experience nor expectation
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DLK, London
Tools for Balancing Career and Family
Working with Judy Harrison has been a transformative, rewarding and life changing experience. As a new mother, juggling a number of challenges personally, with my career and family – Judy provided invaluable support and tools to help untangle the weeds and provide clarity and hope amidst overwhelm and uncertainty. Judy is kind, compassionate, wise and vastly experienced and I’m ….
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Lawyer, New Mother
Overcoming Anxiety & Work Stress – Improving Career & Relationships
After a number of false starts with therapists, I can only say that I wish I had found Maggie sooner! Over a period of 15 years I had seen multiple therapists and psychiatrists to address issues relating to anxiety, depression and workplace stress. With invariably unsatisfying results, I was extremely skeptical about seeing another therapist… utterly pessimistic about the possibility of being happy. My skepticism proved unfounded.
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Dan, Civil Servant
Solving Depression and Work Stress / Burnout
My aim… was to achieve balance in my life while looking after two young children, run a business that I was losing interest in, keep my relationship alive and battle my mental health challenges… when we first started, despite knowing that I needed help, I was pretty closed to change. Karen gave me the tools, insight and challenges that I needed to help me achieve my goals and…..
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Managing Director - Business Owner
Overcoming Trauma, Depression, Parenting Problems, Career Issues
I have seen Maggie for a short batch of sessions, on 4 occasions… I’ve needed help with…post-natal depression…childhood trauma…career…work/life balance…parenting struggles… the services she provides, have been absolutely transformational… Without fail, each time, Maggie has..quickly distilled..the root..issue..and given me highly..actionable..advice..I can…use..long past attending one to one sessions….
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COO, London
Career Change, Confidence Building
My experience with Amanda has been nothing short of transformational. I was completely stuck, down in the dumps about my career and not sure how to move forward. Amanda was absolutely brilliant in her approach…Amanda has helped me understand myself, step back and look at the facts around me and increased my confidence hugely….After the first few sessions I had already….
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Anonymous, London

How Does Career Coaching Work at KlearMinds?

KlearMinds career coaching is unique because we combine coaching with therapy. Every approach has its strengths and limitations. Coaching has some great tools for setting and achieving goals. However, coaching alone does not always enable people to address underlying blocks to their success. This is where our therapy skills come in. We often see clients who have had coaching which has been helpful to a point but they still feel stuck, as it was unable to address problematic blockages to their ability to sustain consistent progress and/or achieve their goals.

We are proactive, which means we actively help people understand difficulties and provide useful guidance, tools and strategies that can enable you to turn things around positively.

Our unique career coaching approach does the following:

  • Empowers you with the ability to tackle underlying blocks to success
  • Develop the skills you need to achieve your goals
  • Enables you to develop the ability to sustain your own career progress, independently, without requiring ongoing coaching or therapy.

Take the First Step Towards Improving Your Career

If you’ve had enough of feeling stressed or unhappy at work and wish to change your career for the better, please get in touch with our London City career counselling and career coaching team near Liverpool Street. Our clinic is within easy reach of Aldgate, Bank, Moorgate, Shoreditch, Barbican and Old Street tube stations or book online.

Meet Our Experienced Therapists

Karen Gubb, psychologist London. PhD Psychology, MA Clinical Psychology, BSc (Honours) Psychology, BSc, PCC (International Coaching Federation), HCPC, BPS.

Karen Gubb

Psychologist & Executive Coach

PhD Psychology, MA Clinical Psychology, BSc (Honours) Psychology, BSc, PCC, HCPC, BPS

Karen holds over 21 years experience.

Maggie Morrow, counselling, CBT therapy, life coach and psychotherapist London. MSc Integrative Psychotherapy, BSc Psychology, Adv Dip, UKCP.

Maggie Morrow

Award Winning Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Life Coach

MSc Integrative Psychotherapy, BSc Psychology, Adv Dip, UKCP

Maggie’s experience spans over 25 years.

Judy Harrison, counselling, CBT therapy and psychotherapist London. PG Dip Psychotherapy, Dip Mediation, Mindfulness Meditation Cert, Cert Psychotherapy, Dip Counselling, Cert Education, B’Ed (Psychology), Dip Clinical Supervision, UKCP, BACP, UKAHPP.

Judy Harrison

Psychotherapist, Couples Therapist

PG Dip Psychotherapy, Dip Mediation, Mindfulness Meditation Cert, Cert Psychotherapy, UKCP, BACP

Judy holds over 25 years experience.

Amanda James, counselling, CBT therapy and psychotherapist London. Dip Therapeutic Counselling, PG Dip Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, Adv Dip, BACP.

Amanda James

Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Dip Therapeutic Counselling, PG Dip Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, Adv Dip, BACP

Amanda holds over 12 years experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Benefit from Career Coaching?

At KlearMinds, we understand the work pressures arising from demanding careers and high level jobs in London. Our clients include CEOs/Company Directors, senior management executives, entrepreneurs and many other professionals in the City and worldwide. We also help individuals who are trying to find a career that they can enjoy working in.

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What Happens at my First Coaching Session
How does online career counselling work?
Maggie Morrow, counselling, CBT therapy, life coach and psychotherapist London. MSc Integrative Psychotherapy, BSc Psychology, Adv Dip, UKCP.

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Maggie Morrow, counselling, CBT therapy, life coach and psychotherapist London. MSc Integrative Psychotherapy, BSc Psychology, Adv Dip, UKCP.
Author: Maggie Morrow, Award Winning Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Life Coach
Last updated: 10th July 2024

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