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Need Help for Relationship Issues?

Are you struggling with relationships at work, with friends or family or with an intimate partner?

Relationships are complex and the pressures of modern life can put a huge amount of stress on our relationships. Disagreements and miscommunications with those around us can leave us feeling angry, disappointed, rejected and lonely.

Developing healthy and meaningful connections with others is an important part of your wellbeing. Strained and failed relationships can not only erode self-confidence, but also negatively impact other aspects of your life.

Whatever relationship difficulties you are facing, our London relationship counsellors can help you understand why things are not working and what steps you can take to make things better, fast.

How Can Relationship Counselling Help?

Our experienced relationship therapists can help you identify patterns of behaviour which you may not realise are causing relationship problems.  We will show you simple steps you can take to improve your relationship difficulties, quickly. We use a powerful combination of relationship counselling and coaching, which includes advice and active strategies, to help you achieve the improvements you want.


“My relationship with my partner is now fantastic, as are my relationships with my family…I really don’t know where I would be now if it hadn’t been for your help…”

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What problems are you experiencing?

Our relationship therapists have many years of experience in helping individuals and couples deal with and overcome a wide range of problems. Do any of these relationship issues resonate with you?

  • Coping with or resolving difficult family relationships
  • Difficult work relationships
  • Wanting more and/or better friendships
  • Struggling to find/sustain a lasting intimate relationship
  • Difficulties with your partner or spouse
  • Inability to resolve conflicts, unhealthy boundaries, lack of empathy and understanding
  • Lack of connection, power imbalances in relationship, managing jealousy & anger
  • Ending a relationship
  • Struggling with the effect of an affair(s) or being unfaithful
  • Coping with relationship depression, stress or anxiety

What are the Benefits of Relationship Therapy

Our experienced relationship therapists can help you understand crucial factors, which you may not realise, are causing relationship problems. KlearMinds Relationship therapy can provide you with the tools you need to solve relationship problems, quickly.

Throughout a course of sessions you can discover how to:

  • Gain clarity about the changes needed to improve the quality of your relationships
  • Improve your dating experience and starting a new relationship
  • How to find a relationship that will last and is right for you
  • Learn to listen and communicate more effectively 
  • Make and maintain a better connection
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Mend broken relationships and restore trust
  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Work through difficult dynamics 
  • Discover proven strategies that can help maintain lasting, healthy relationships 
  • Learn how to prevent problems from destroying your relationships now or in the future
Not sure which therapist or type of therapy you need?

Get in touch with Maggie Morrow, Award Winning Therapist & KlearMinds Director.
Maggie can help match you with the right therapist based on your needs.

How Can Couples Counselling Help?

Sometimes, when we make changes in individual therapy, it can really make a difference and enable us to improve our relationship.  At other times, it can be very helpful to have couples therapy with your partner.  Sometimes, it can be hard to identify exactly what is wrong or why you keep getting stuck in a problem area and can’t break through.  At KlearMinds, we have a team of experienced relationship therapists who can help you understand the crucial factors that are causing problems in your relationship.  Our Couple counselling can be a useful way to learn simple steps you can take to improve your relationship. At KlearMinds, relationship therapy and marriage counselling aim to provide you with the right tools to help you solve your relationship problems, quickly.

Take the First Step to Solving Your Relationship Problems Today

The skills you learn in relationship counselling can help you make more informed relationship choices and develop positive bonds with others, increase your self-awareness, build confidence and lead to a more productive, empowered and authentic life.

If you want to enjoy better relationships – why not contact us today, we can help.

Meet our experienced therapists

Andrea Tibbitts

Andrea is a highly experienced relationship therapist and coach, with over 15 years clinical experience providing marriage and relationship counselling. She is passionate about empowering couples to be the best version of themselves and to live their best lives. She can help you and your partner to identify and address the root causes of problematic patterns which have a negative impact on your relationship.

Judy Harrison

Judy is a highly experienced psychotherapist. She utilizes a wide range of therapies, including CBT and psychoeducation to help her clients. She also holds considerable experience providing Career Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation and Mediation. Judy draws on a wealth of experiencing and works proactively with clients to help them understand and positively change patterns of thinking and behaviour which hold them back in life.

Paul Glynn

Paul Glynn holds over 30 years experience as a therapist and is KlearMinds Clinical Director. Paul offers a warm, pragmatic and interactive approach to help you understand and go beyond the difficulties you are facing. He is passionate about empowering clients to develop the tools that can help them to resolve stuckness and positively change repetitive, problematic behaviours.

Amanda Reynolds

Amanda is a highly experienced Advanced CBT and Integrative therapist with more than 8 years experience. She draws upon a wide range of therapies and works proactively to help clients understand, process and resolve their concerns and conflicts. Amanda can assist you to quickly identify problematic thoughts and behaviours which negatively impact your personal and professional well-being.

Jodie Dilliway

Jodie is a psychotherapist with several years experience helping individuals address a wide range of concerns. She works collaboratively using a variety of therapies, including CBT psychoeducation and coaching skills to empower clients to make positive changes. Jodie draws upon a range of theories and techniques best suited to the needs of each client, helping them to understand and change patterns of unhelpful behaviour, which can hold them back.

Mita Hiremath

Mita is a highly experienced psychotherapist and counsellor with over 20 years of clinical experience. She is passionate about helping clients overcome issues they have been struggling with for months and sometimes years. Mita draws upon a range of therapies including, CBT, Mindfulness and EMDR, which she tailors to best suit each client she works with.

Tania Turner

Tania is an experienced psychotherapist and couples counsellor. She is highly skilled in helping couples and individuals address a wide range of concerns. She has a warm, collaborative, insightful approach and uses a range of therapies including psychodynamic and mindfulness, to enable her clients to understand and resolve issues constructively.

Karen Gubb

Karen is a highly experienced psychologist, executive and career coach with more than 15 years experience helping adults address a wide range of concerns. Karen draws upon a variety of therapies and coaching skills, tailoring her approach, to best suit the learning style of each client. Karen works proactively. She can help you understand and constructively change problematic beliefs and patterns of behaviour that inhibit your ability to realise your personal goals.

Our Fees for Relationship Counselling Services

Individual: £110-£150 per session
Couples: £140-£760 per session
Fees are charged on a per session basis – a standard session lasts 50 minutes
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This page was written by Maggie Morrow (MSc, BSc, Adv Dip, UKCP) and medically reviewed in February 2022.


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