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We show you the most powerful therapy techniques and strategies you need, to address your concerns. So you can achieve lasting results and continue to improve things, long after therapy has ended.

Our psychotherapists, psychologists and coaches are trained and skilled in a wide range of therapies, including CBT, EMDR, psychodynamic, coaching, mindfulness and more.

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Integrative Psychotherapy

Using an integrative therapy approach, your therapist can tailor therapy to empower you with a range of the most effective techniques and strategies available today. Enabling you to address your concerns in the most lasting way possible. Research demonstrates more lasting results can be achieved via this approach than other therapies alone.

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CBT is a therapy that is particularly helpful for addressing issues such as, anxiety, depression and obsessions.

This approach includes excercises and behavioural experiments you can practice both inside and outside of the therapy setting.


An effective course of counselling can provide you with a helpful perspective upon troubling issues.

Even more importantly, it can equip you with effective strategies and tools, that don’t just enable you to feel better now, but instill you with the confidence to enjoy a better life and manage future challenges with more ease.

Life Coaching

Life coaching provides some great strategies and techniques for making changes in your life. It can show you how to clarify your goals and commit to taking positive steps, so you can achieve more of what you want from life.

It works best with people who feel psychologically strong and stable.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) takes the proven method of examining the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that makes cognitive therapy so effective and adds another element: mindfulness. It combines these two approaches to help you train your mind to be with thoughts and feelings in a manner that increases peace of mind and personal well being. It was originally designed to help prevent recurring bouts of depression. However, it can also be helpful with other conditions.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

This approach emphasises understanding our past history and how it impacts our present being in the world. It can help us to understand how our view of the world as a child can be transferred into the present and trigger old feelings and behaviours that don’t serve us well anymore. It can be useful for developing an understanding of historic “triggers” that can set off problematic behaviour and very powerful or overwhelming feelings in your current life.

Solution Focused Therapy

This approach can feel quite energising because the focus is on identifying your existing strengths which we can always uncover – even if you think you don’t have any, and then building on these to address current problems. If you like doing homework tasks, these can be devised and then used to find effective methods for addressing your problems. If you don’t like the idea of “structure homework tasks” this approach can still be effective.

Developmental Psychotherapy

Research behind these theories helps us understand why we want or long for certain things in relationships, that we do not seem to be able to obtain. It sheds light on biological and physiological mechanisms which impact emotions and what we can do to alleviate, understand and soothe deep emotional pain. Clients who feel compelled to act in ways they would prefer not to, often find this approach illuminating.

Gestalt Psychotherapy

This approach views you and therapist as equal partners in the psychotherapeutic relationship, and considers you as the expert on your experience whilst the therapist is expert in theories of understanding and working with psychological difficulties. This view underpins all of our work.

Gestalt experimental techniques can help shed new light on a particular problem and also uncover alternative ways to consider and respond to situations. This can lead to more satisfying outcomes.

Person Centred Psychotherapy

This approach takes the view that we are essentially good natured but that the vicissitudes of life may make us feel twisted inside. It recommends that the therapist adopt an attitude which includes respect, positive regard and being “real” in the therapeutic relationship. This view underpins all our work with you.

Transactional Analysis

This approach provides some useful ways of helping us understand how we communicate with ourselves internally (i.e. what goes on in our heads) as we manage and relate to current and past relationships.

Developing an awareness of our inner dialogue can help us to identify old ideas about ourselves and others that may have been useful when they were formed but may not be useful or appropriate, in our current life. Often these internal dialogues take place without us even realizing some things we think about ourselves and others. Becoming aware of these dialogues, can enhance our capacity to identify what we might want to change in ourselves, in order to experience a more satisfying life.

Existential Psychotherapy

This approach can help you appraise the world you live in now and identify what you can and cannot change. This includes exploring how to work with the limits of your environments, both past and present, in order to achieve the changes you want. We integrate this approach throughout all our work because many clients tell us they find it empowering and energising.

Online Therapy & Counselling

If you are seeking help but cannot easily access good quality counselling that either fits your busy schedule or is accessible in your area, online psychotherapy and coaching can provide the perfect solution.

Research demonstrates that online counselling is as effective as face to face therapy, in helping people discover how to address a wide range of issues: from anxiety and depression, to relationship and career concerns.

Psychotherapy in London

If you are facing difficulties and want to address them in a lasting manner, psychotherapy provides a powerful tool for positive change.

You can learn how to deal with the root cause of problems and create strong, dependable foundations, upon which to move forward.

What’s the Difference Between Life Coaching, Counselling and Therapy?

People often wonder what approach will work best for them, counselling, coaching or psychotherapy?

Whatever challenges you are facing from day to day, each approach has certain strengths and limitations attached to it. Here we provide some useful pointers to help you understand the differences between counselling, coaching and psychotherapy.

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