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If you’re reading my review, you are probably hesitant to seek therapy, or are sceptical in doing so, or want to find out if it really does work. I was exactly in the same position as you back in June 2019 and am glad I met Maddie who helped me understand myself and situations better. I never thought I would need to attend therapy as I thought I could get through my own problems myself. However, those closest around me suggested I needed to, even though I thought they were wrong.

I suffered from PTSD after a death of a parent, and my life seemed to spiral downwards from there. I was on the verge to break up with my partner who was supporting me through my difficult times. I was in denial for nearly two years and I thought my life was perfectly normal, and my behaviour was no different before the traumatic event. When you’re in a low point in your life, it’s quite difficult to know whether you need help or not, because days usually felt the same for me.

I first contacted the NHS to see if they could help, but they put me on a waiting list to do a group therapy, which would take 4 to 6 weeks. However, rather than waiting for the NHS, I knew I needed to turn things around quickly, or I may talk myself out of seeing a therapist completely.

Speaking to someone like Maddie, confidentially, allowed me to open up fully without being judged. Her sessions helped me understand certain things about myself and helped me get my life back on track, or where I expected it to be anyways. Each session was broken down into sections of things that needed to be discussed, and we went about understanding them in detail. Anything that affected me and was discussed in session 1 for example, was brought up in a session further down the line, to see whether it still affected me or not. We would go through certain events and discussions in detail to find the route of where problems arise and try to fix them until moving completely away from the issue.

I really did not think therapy would work for me, but it did. After a few sessions, my life slowly started to become on track towards a more positive state and even my partner noticed a huge difference in my life. I continued to see Maddie for over 10 sessions, and until I felt better.

Mental health is important and the mind can affect anyone without those even knowing. I have recommended that my friends see Maddie or even a good therapist. I hope therapy works for you.
Remember, only you can make your own decision and I hope you do make the right choice. Please bear in mind that everyone is different and it may take less or more time for other people to get to their ideal place. All the best.

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Client Reviews

Getting Help that Works
"...I had tried counselling before and thought it wasn't for me. I now realise that finding the right counsellor makes all the difference. As a result I feel in control, grounded and confident in all parts of my life and most importantly, I feel capable of moving forward... "
Lawyer, London
Overcoming Anxiety & Depression
"Outstanding at providing me with what I needed, not as a "quick fix" but by giving me the tools to use whenever I may need them in the future..."
Lawyer, London
Help with Bereavement & Depression
"...Straight away Maggie was warm, kind and understanding... I didn’t want to be in therapy for a long time, I just wanted to get better, get on with my life... I cannot recommend Maggie highly enough to you. Whilst life still presents me with challenges I can cope with them as I feel so much stronger now – I owe her much."
Lawyer, London
Career & Relationship Therapy
"My relationship with my partner is now fantastic, as are my relationships with my family... I am so much happier now than I have been in many, many, years...."
Sales Director, London
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