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Need Help with Anxiety or Panic?

Discover proven techniques for overcoming anxiety, obtaining stress relief and how to cure panic attacks, for good.

Symptoms of anxiety and stress can be frustrating and debilitating, our anxiety counsellors can show you steps you can take to regain control.

We can show you how to prevent and deal with symptoms effectively and stop them ruining your life.


How can CBT for Anxiety Help?

Without effective strategies for understanding and addressing stress symptoms – anxiety and panic attacks can increase and create significant problems in your relationships, work and overall wellbeing. Our London counsellors can help you fully understand the causes of stress, anxiety and panic. We will show you essential anxiety management techniques for dealing with stress, you can learn how to stop anxiety attacks, manage stressful situations confidently and calmly and overcome panic, for good.

“I am very grateful to Maggie for helping me to see things a different way, and giving me the tools to be a better, calmer, more confident version of myself. I can honestly say I now feel happy the majority of the time and if I don’t, I know how to deal with it. Thanks again Maggie for everything!”


What are the Benefits of Counselling for Anxiety?

The benefit you gain from working with a KlearMinds Anxiety Therapist are twofold: Firstly, you will no longer feel exhausted or debilitated by symptoms of anxiety, stress or panic and secondly you can build a reliable tool kit to effectively manage current and future stress situations, with confidence. Here are some of the ways we can help you become a more confident and happier you:

  • Learn what causes anxiety or panic and how to regain control
  • Discover how to identify anxiety or panic attack triggers and minimise their effect
  • Learn how to change automatic thought, behaviour and physical symptoms which feed anxiety cycles
  • Discover proven, effective panic prevention and removal strategies
  • Learn stress reduction techniques to reduce the physical side effects of anxiety or panic
  • Develop tailor-made coping strategies to manage stressful situations effectively
  • Build a set of techniques and tools that will enable you to effectively prevent or manage any future anxiety

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Symptoms We Can Help With

Listed below are some of the common symptoms people experience when dealing with anxiety, stress or panic. Our CBT and anxiety counselling programme can help you find relief and develop the skills you need to minimise symptoms and cope confidently with the challenges you face both now and in the future.



Some Self-Help Tips and Information on Panic and Anxiety

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Take the first step towards Overcoming Anxiety, Stress or Panic today

If you have had enough of feeling stressed or anxious and feel ready to change your life for the better. A KlearMinds London City based CBT and anxiety counsellors can help you regain control of your life. Why not contact us today, it’s a wise move.

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