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Want Career Success & Satisfaction?

A KlearMinds Career Coach has the expertise to help you find a career you will truly enjoy.

Over 60% of our waking day is spent at work. If you feel stuck in a job you don’t like, it can make you miserable.

Being successful in a meaningful career, can powerfully increase your happiness. Our career coaching can help change what you don’t like and show you how to get the job you can really enjoy.


4 Steps to Career Change Success with a Career Coach

Our career coaching can help you make the career change that provides satisfaction, meaning and the level of success you want.

We guide you through a 4 step career coaching process:

  1. Discover what really motivates you: We can help you identify the core values which motivate and make you happy. These are the crucial foundations upon which a successful career can be most effectively built.
  2. Removing Blocks to Success: A KlearMinds career coach can help you understand yourself from a psychological perspective. This includes addressing the roots of problem areas, in order to uncover any habits or thinking that can block your path to achievement. Depending on what kind of habits or blocks you experience, we help you devise strategies to relieve and address problem areas, freeing you to move forward and realize your goals more easily.
  3. Exploring Expertly: A KlearMinds career coach can help you explore options and paths. Identify which will suit you best and develop the strategies needed for positive progress. Many people simply don’t explore the right way and end up stuck. We can show you how to get through this phase and find the path that can really work for you.
  4. Overcoming Fear of Change Even if you don’t like your work and really want to change career, fear holds many people back. Common fears are: I’ll never find something I like, I won’t earn enough money, I don’t have the skill set required, I’ll have to go right back to the beginning and start all over again and so on. We can show you how to overcome these fears, so you can take the necessary steps towards securing the most enjoyable career for you.

We are flexible with our approach, so we can adapt it to suit your needs and priorities. A KlearMinds life coach can also help you tackle issues of self-confidence, decision making, negotiation, relationships, managing conflict, etc., if they block your progress.


How Long Does it Take for Career Coaching to Help You Succeed?

Because every individual is unique, the number of sessions needed varies from person to person. Some people just want to go through ideas and get some clarity on direction. For others, removing blocks to confidence or other issues, can be crucial to a successful outcome, so more sessions may be needed.

Some people need only 2 or 4 sessions if they just want a bit of clarity or planning on the direction they wish to take. Other people can find 6 or 12 sessions are better. It depends on how stuck you feel in identifying what will really suit you. Your level of confidence or ability to take concrete steps towards your goals, also influences the speed of progress. Some people find 24 session or more suits them. This can occur if they find it very difficult to break through problem areas, so more ongoing guidance and support can enable them to break through and achieve success.


It’s never to late to enjoy a rewarding and successful career



If you are fed up of doing work that bores or stresses you.



If you feel ready to make positive changes.



Why wait? It could be the best step you take for your life.



Contact us today.



Specialist Career Advice

We do not provide a list of career options following qualification or detailed information packages on different careers e.g. law, arts, medicine etc,. This information can be got from specialist careers advisors. Our approach is to help you explore and discover, through facilitating your own innate sense of what will work best for you. We help people find the career that is truly made for them.


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