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Andrea Tibbitts – Relationship Counsellor and Relationship Coach, Dip, Cert(s), BEFTC, BSc (First), BACP

relationship coach

With over 15 years of relationship counselling experience, Andrea is a couples therapist who is passionate about empowering couples to be the best version of themselves and to live their best relationship.

Andrea excels in collaborating with couples to create bespoke plans which facilitate the fastest possible positive results for the relationship issues they are wanting to resolve. Using psycho-education as a platform for empowerment, she passionately integrates the power of her clients’ aspirations to uncover blocks to success and replace them with strategies and techniques for breakthrough. Her approach can help you develop happier healthier relationships, stronger marriages, freer self-expression in relationship, the ability to achieve your relationship goals and manage future relationship challenges positively and effectively.

RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING: Andrea’s personal experience of seeking couples therapy for her relationship and finding so many therapists missed the point or were not helpful, drew out a passion in her to learn how to be a couples therapist, who can really make a difference. She is passionate about providing therapy that works for couples and has studied extensively to find the tools to really help couples turn their relationship around and make it the best it can possibly be.

Andrea has considerable Experience in helping couples address a wide range of issues including: breakdown, arguments, second marriage, jealousy, loss of desire, recovery from affairs, separation, divorce, relational boredom, loss of libido, sexual problems, problems getting pregnant, fertility, domestic abuse, illness, living separate lives, managing cultural differences in mixed culture relationships.

Andrea also helps individuals address a wide range of issues including: anxiety, stress, self-esteem, perfectionism, career issues, anger management, conflict resolution, depression, bereavement, relationship issues, sexual problems, fertility, finding the right relationship, OCD, phobias, chronic fatigue/ME, addiction, alcohol/substance misuse, gambling, eating disorders, spiritual issues.

Experience and Training
Andrea works in private practice as a Couple Therapist, individual Counsellor and Love and Life Breakthrough Coach. Alongside her private work she provides couples therapy for a relationship charity, and has previous experience of couple counselling in a variety of settings. A former Manager of an Addiction Treatment Programme at a Priory Hospital, she has also held the role of Addiction Therapist in other private residential rehabilitation centres. With a passion for psycho-education, Andrea has designed and delivered workshops for different target groups on relationships, recovery from addiction, self-esteem and spirituality.

Andrea’s diverse training and experience enable her to work from an integrative base, drawing from various modalities including Psychodynamic Therapy, Person-Centred Therapy, CBT and Coaching, according to the individual and their particular needs. She also specialises in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, the only international model of couple therapy that is based on an empirically validated theory of adult love. This therapy facilitates couples to identify where they get stuck, to practise strategies to divert their destructive cycles and to then experience new, deeper, and more satisfying, ways to connect with each other.

Andrea is a qualified and accredited Counsellor and Life Coach, with a Diploma in Counselling, certificates in both Life Breakthrough Coaching and Marriage Breakthrough Coaching. She holds a qualification in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (ICEEFT – the International Centre for Excellence in EFT) and a Certificate in Relationship Counselling from Marriage Care.

Andrea is a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Fees: £120 per session