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CBT for Anger Management

Anger is a powerful human emotion that, when managed well, can enable us to maintain self-respecting boundaries and achieve great things.

When we feel unable to control our anger it can become very destructive, causing unnecessary pain and harm to our self and those dear to us.

Cognitive behavioural therapy demonstrates great success in helping people get to grips with their anger and channel it as a positive and constructive force.


  • Discover the root source of your anger which unnecessarily fuels anger intensity in current life situations
  • Learn how to reduce the often overwhelming physiology which triggers an angry reaction
  • Replace unhelpful angry actions with clear and effective communication which gives you better results
  • Discover the positive power in your anger and how to channel it in a way that enhances your relationships and overall wellbeing
  • Learn a range of anger management techniques that help you express yourself assertively without losing control
  • Discover how natural anger responses to situations can be channelled or expressed in a constructive manner


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy utilises a range of questions and exercises to help you understand the triggers which can cause your anger to become too intense and thus lead to unconstructive, angry outbursts. Once you understand the triggers and their root causes, your CBT therapist can show you a range of exercises and techniques that you can experiment with, to discover which solutions work best for you.

Through a series of weekly or fortnightly 50 minute sessions, your CBT therapist can help you to identify and test out the most effective techniques and strategies, which enable you to cope better in situations you previously found challenging, overwhelming and anger provoking.

As the work progresses you can build your ability to engage in new and more productive techniques for managing anger in a confident way, without the need of your therapist’s support. At the end of a good course of anger therapy you can possess the ability to communicate clearly and confidently and get your needs met in situations that would have previously triggered unhelpful angry outbursts.

If you want to feel more in control of your anger, why wait?  Contact us today, we can help.

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