Couple Boundaries

How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Why You Must

Boundaries define the limits of acceptable behaviour and are critical for our well-being. However, setting boundaries can feel selfish or difficult at times. Healthy boundaries allow us to tap into…

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New year goals

Mental Health Goals to Focus on for 2023

The world has been a difficult place to live in these past few years as we appear to stumble from one national crisis to another. This understandably takes its toll…

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man with thumb down

5 top tips for dealing with rejection

Have you ever experienced rejection? Whether it’s in love, with friends or at work, it sure feels bad. Didn’t get that promotion you thought was as good as in the…

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Vicenza, Italy, 20th September 2015. Marathon runners

Build your resilience: Follow the Stoics

Ancient Greece may not be the first place you think of when considering the concept of resilience, which is basically the ability to bounce back from negative situations, but it…

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Life Coach Lesson: How Your Personal Values Guide You To Happiness

We all want to be happy in life, but at times happiness can feel out of reach. Self-understanding can provide us with a highly effective guidance system for personal happiness….

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Does Life Coaching Really Give You Clarity?

Clarity is something many people strive for. It helps us make good decisions, create achievable life goals and contributes to our sense of overall wellbeing and confidence. However, the road…

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How To Be Your Authentic Self and Why

If you ever get the feeling that something is missing from your life but you can’t quite place what it is, rather than turning to external sources, looking inside yourself…

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Life Purpose Life Direction

8 tips on how to find Direction in Life and enjoy the journey

If you would like to discover the path in life that will make you feel happiest and most fulfilled, following in the steps of those who’ve achieved this, is a…

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10 Tips to Help Build Self Confidence

Self-confidence provides the foundation for a happy and fulfilled life. It helps us achieve goals. It enables us to feel comfortable in our own skin and in relationships with others….

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