The Key Benefits Of Using A Career Coach

Maggie Morrow Award Winning Therapist
Author: Maggie Morrow, Award Winning Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Life Coach
Last updated: 19th October 2021

Every job has its various ups and downs – from the moments of hard work and reward to the difficult periods where stress and life takes over.

And, while it may be easy to pass these periods off as temporary, it’s important to understand both how and why these difficulties crop up, in order to get back to being happy in your role.

Therefore, if you have recently been struggling in your current place of work, or you have noticed a change to the dynamic that wasn’t there before, it could be time to consider organising a meeting with one of our specialist career coaches here at KlearMinds.

However, if you’re still not 100% convinced as to whether this will be beneficial or not, take a look below to see some of the key benefits you can expect from consulting a professional.

Career coaches can help create a job search strategy

With so many job adverts, recruiters and career options out there, starting a career change or entering the job search process can feel like an incredibly overwhelming thing to do. So, why not use the help and advice of an expert?

With a career coach on your side, they will be able to build a job search strategy around you, allowing you to work together to find the right jobs, individuals and networks to reach out to.

This, in turn, will utilise your time and energy more effectively, only putting you forward to positions you are actually comfortable with, rather than adopting a ‘spray and pray’ approach when applying for multiple jobs.

Career coaches provide motivation and support

One of the biggest differences a career coach can make is through the level of motivation and support they can provide you with throughout the job application or career change process.

Whether it be through the process of preparing for interviews, handing in your notice or updating your CV, your career coach will get to know you and your inner feelings, so will be able to offer support in a way that’s right for you.

What’s more, they will also be there as a voice of reason during any periods of stress you are having, helping you find new ways to calm your inner stresses and concentrate on landing your dream role.

Final thoughts…

While it can be hard to go through the process of a career change, the only way to get back to feeling happy in your work is by putting the time and effort in to resolving the underlying issues you are currently having.

Here at KlearMinds, our career coaches are expertly trained to provide you with a space to talk openly and honestly, helping you not only identify and pursue the right career path for you but also enabling you to create a healthier work/life balance.

To find out more about us and the services we can offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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