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9 reasons why seeing a therapist may help you

Posted January 28th, 2020
Face In The Cloud Whether or not you’re in favour of committing to New Year’s Resolutions, the beginning of the year offers a great opportunity to review not only your physical health but your mental health too. Are there positive changes you would love to make this year? Psychotherapy can give you the capacity to improve your life in many ways. Discover how to manage difficult issues with greater ease, create better relationships and take your life in a direction that gives you more personal fulfilment. Therapy can be an incredibly ...

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How your marriage can survive infidelity

Posted December 13th, 2019
How your marriage can survive infidelity There are few marital problems that can cause as much emotional pain as an affair. That’s because infidelity undermines the very foundations of a marriage. However, it doesn’t have to be the end. If both partners are committed to staying in the relationship and are prepared to make things better, your marriage not only has a good chance of surviving, it can actually become stronger as a result.

What is infidelity?

The classic definition of infidelity is if one partner has a sexual affair with someone outside ...

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6 steps towards living your dream life

Posted November 8th, 2019
Create your future While some people seem to be born lucky with an innate sense of purpose, for most of us this is simply not the case. But whether you’re 27 or 72, it is possible to shape your own path in life, and living it authentically and full of happiness. Discovering your inner passion may not happen automatically, but if you give your inner voice a chance to be heard, you’d be surprised at what it might be telling you. Unfortunately, many of us are so used to shutting down our gut ...

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5 techniques to help change negative thoughts of depression

Posted October 23rd, 2019
Positive and negative thinking crossword puzzle According to the mental health charity Mind, one in six people per week report experiencing a mental health problem such as anxiety or depression in England. If you suffer from depression, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help you break negative thought patterns and aid recovery. Research has found that people with depression may inadvertently suppress positive emotions with thoughts such as ‘I don’t deserve to be happy’ or ‘This good feeling won’t last’. This is called ‘dampening’, a negative defence mechanism to protect from potential ...

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5 signs that it’s not too late to save an unhappy relationship

Posted September 18th, 2019
Blog post - unhappy couple   When things go wrong in a relationship or marriage, it may be difficult to pinpoint what exactly the issues are and how to resolve them. Perhaps you’re having constant arguments or are no longer communicating meaningfully? Have you stopped being physically intimate or has one of you had an affair? Should you break up?? If you’re unhappy with your partner, all may not be lost. There are many qualities that, if you can find them in your personal dealings with each other, are a good sign that ...

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4 ways that life coaching can help you make a career change

Posted August 12th, 2019
What's your dream job? Phrase handwritten on chalkboard Are you contemplating a career change? Fed up with the corporate world and tempted to strike out on your own? You may be brimful with excitement at the prospect of starting your own business, but perhaps also understandably worried about the risk of failure. This is where life coaching can be extremely useful. With the right coach by your side, you can build confidence, overcome blocks to success, achieve goals and improve your life. In fact, you will have the best possible support ...

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How to recognise Chronic Fatigue and what to do about it

Posted June 28th, 2019
Mental health. Young woman lying on the floor It is estimated that approximately 250,000 people across the UK suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Despite this number, not many people know how to recognise CFS and are often unaware of the symptoms, or what to do if they are suffering from it. Unfortunately, CFS often has a major impact on your well-being and day to day life, making it difficult to cope with. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and can also be unpredictable. If you would like ...

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Four ways social media negatively impacts mental health

Posted May 8th, 2019
Social media concept image We all do it. Whenever you’re out for dinner or drinks with friends, chatting away and catching up on old times, where’s your phone? That’s right – it’s either in your hand already or sitting face up on the table, waiting to spark into life when that next social media notification comes in. While social media can be a great thing, as success stories like the ALS #IceBucketChallenge prove, it can also be problematic – especially when it comes to our mental health. We ...

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Are you over-stressed?

Posted April 10th, 2019
worried businesswoman sitting on bench in park According to the Mental Health Foundation a UK-wide stress survey found that 74 per cent of UK citizens have felt stressed, overwhelmed or unable to cope at some point in the past year. Stress is significant factor in anxiety and depression and other mental health problems. Stress is also linked to physical health conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia, diabetes, obesity and other digestive problems. While a certain amount of stress in everyday life is normal, frequently feeling ...

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5 top tips for dealing with rejection

Posted March 22nd, 2019
man with thumb down Have you ever experienced rejection? Whether it’s in love, with friends or at work, it sure feels bad. Didn’t get that promotion you thought was as good as in the bag? Had the ‘it’s just not working’ conversation with your other half? Not getting what you want can leave you feeling hurt and hollowed out and wondering if there’s something wrong with you. But isn’t rejection part of normal life? Everyone gets turned down at some point for something or other. While you may feel disheartened at the ...

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