Mental health. Young woman lying on the floor

How to recognise Chronic Fatigue and what to do about it

It is estimated that approximately 250,000 people across the UK suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Despite this number, not many people know how to recognise CFS and are often…

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Woman hugging a pillow

5 clues to decoding body language

Research has shown that a mere 7% of human communication is based on what we actually say. The remaining 93% is non-verbal, of which 38% comes from tone of voice…

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Young woman portraits on grey background, covering her eyes

5 myths about counselling – debunked!

When it comes to your physical health, you wouldn’t think twice to see a doctor. But what about your mental health and emotional wellbeing? Many people feel nervous, embarrassed or…

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Coping With Personal Loss

When a loved one dies, it can feel like the end of the world as we know it. The natural response of grieving for our loss is a hard and…

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The Differences Between Counselling and Life Coaching – Infographic

Are you wondering which is best, counselling or coaching?   So you can explore quickly and easily, which approach might suit you best, we have created a simple infographic to…

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