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How to cope with post-lockdown social anxiety

For most people, the easing of lockdown can’t come soon enough. We’re looking forward to hugging our loved ones, spending time with friends and getting back to our hobbies. But…

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Learn how to strengthen your marriage

Every marriage has its ups and downs. You may have found your perfect partner and be living happily ever after now, but it is normal for any long-term relationship to…

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Door to another world

5 positive lockdown lessons for personal development

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that life doesn’t always go according to plan. The unprecedented levels of change we have been experiencing on a global scale over the…

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3 Ways Employee Burnout Can Impact Businesses

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the working landscape has changed drastically over the past year. Currently, more employees are working from home than ever before, suddenly needing to find…

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How To Deal With Anxiety During The COVID-19 Pandemic

A public health crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic is not something any of us have experienced before, which makes 2020 a truly unprecedented year. The impact on our lives…

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Coronavirus & Mental Health: Returning To Life After Lockdown

The impact of changing from a regular routine to a period of uncertainty has been well-discussed in relation to mental health, especially in terms of how this influences an individual’s…

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Couple Anxiety: 4 At-Home Activities To Reduce Lockdown Tension

The stresses of COVID-19 are understandably causing a powerful impact on our mental health. Financial pressures, furlough schemes and even social anxieties are all weighing on our minds as we…

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COVID-19: 4 Ways To Keep Your Mind Healthy

After forcing millions of people to stay inside, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised huge concerns over the mental health and well-being of everyone, everywhere. While staying on top of our…

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Coronavirus Counselling

COVID-19 & CBT: How to Improve Your Mental Health

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many changes to our lives in the last few weeks, leaving many of us facing a varied array of emotions. Whether it be growing…

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7 roadblocks to making positive changes & how to overcome them

At KlearMinds, our team of highly experienced life coaches are professionally trained, sensitive and approachable, and work in total confidence. We are able to help with a wide range of…

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Create your future

6 steps towards living your dream life

While some people seem to be born lucky with an innate sense of purpose, for most of us this is simply not the case. But whether you’re 27 or 72,…

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5 signs that it’s not too late to save an unhappy relationship

  When things go wrong in a relationship or marriage, it may be difficult to pinpoint what exactly the issues are and how to resolve them. Perhaps you’re having constant…

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4 ways that life coaching can help you make a career change

Are you contemplating a career change? Fed up with the corporate world and tempted to strike out on your own? You may be brimful with excitement at the prospect of…

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